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A Historical Evening with Paul Gebhard

1hr 30m 20s
United States
Produced by: Hugh M. Hefner Foundation
Consultants: Elizabeth (Betty) Mooney, Ph.D.

On July 30, 2005 on the Indiana University South Bend Campus, Dr. Elizabeth (Betty) Mooney, Research Associate at the Kinsey Institute from 1967 to 1975 and Lecturer in Sociology and Anthropology interviewed 88 year old Paul H. Gebhard. Dr. Gebhard was part of Kinsey's staff at Indiana University Bloomington.

This interview covers Dr. Gebhard's ten years working with Dr. Kinsey (1946-1956) and his term as the second Director of the Kinsey Institute (1956-1982).  This is a must see for anyone who has any interest in sex research.

There are some amazing inside stories that have never been told publicly.

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A Historical Evening with Paul Gebhard

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