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    Easy access to video that provides accurate sexual information on a wide array of informational and clinical sexual issues.

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    To create a community that facilitates interaction on sexual issues and information.

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    To allow users the ability to request new subject matter for video or upload their own.

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  • Betty Dodson is one of the most important contributors to the sexual health of women. She is one of the few 1970s feminists who really "got it" about sex. In fact, she is one of the most important sexologists of the 20th century. How lucky we are to still have Betty with us. Nearing age 80, she is still out there destroying sexual ignorance. Seeing and hearing Betty talk to an audience is an awesome event, and will lots of laughs. How luck we are to have this marvelous and most important documentary by Mark Schoen.

  • brilliant

  • OMG!! is what I am feeling. Phenonenal Betty. Thank you.

  • It's amazing that this Interview was done in 1956, and here we are in the 2010 century where much has chage since the 1950's. I agree with Kinsey that sex plays a major part in marriages because sex is one main reason that a person would want to get married. At least, those who believe in Christianity do. I'm an engaged Christian who is enable to marry at this time due to un- establishment; my mother had a talk with me that I should go ahead a get married because she was once my age and it was hard for her not to have sex with her mate even though she was a Christian. Now, Kinsey said that back in the day young men or teenagers were Biological develop by the age of 16-18 due to whether it was pleasing themselves by mastervating, or having sex with the same sex or opposite sex. However, in the 2010 century kids are sexually active as early as 11 years old because of maturness, pressure, rape, oral etc....

A Note from Our President

SexSmartFilms has evolved from what I could have only dreamed as a doctoral student at New York University more than thirty years ago.

SexSmartFilms PresidentBack in the 1970’s there were films for training sexual health professionals and others that were utilized by sex therapists and their clients. There also existed a small number of films for children and teens. Those had limited use due to their “controversial content.” Then came the 1990’s when the corporate world released sexual health films for adults that were advertised in popular magazines.

Today, there is a proliferation of sexual health content on the Internet. The difficulty for many is distinguishing accurate information from misinformation.

It’s the old story: How do you know? I read it in a book, so it must be true. Or “As seen on TV,” so it must be good!

SexSmartFilms will assure you of getting accurate sexual health information. Remember, films are simply educational tools that may be used to increase your sexual knowledge or clarify sexual information. In the ideal sexual health classroom, a film is introduced letting the audience know what they are about to see and what they might get out of seeing this film. After viewing, questions would be asked to give viewers a chance to process the information. SexSmartFilms will provide this context. There is a brief synopsis for each title. Viewers are encouraged to watch in groups and discuss the information they see on the screen.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions about SexSmartFilms.

Here’s to promoting sexual literacy.


Mark Schoen, Ph.D.

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  • Hundreds of colleges use SexSmartFilms in the classroom.

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  • Therapists use and prescribe SexSmartFilms to their clients.

  • Individuals from all over the world rely on SexSmartFilms.

  • Experts on a wide range of sexual and gender issues are featured in SexSmartFilms.

  • Read the comments and view the ratings and you will learn about the SexSmartFilm Community.

  • Many organizations including Planned Parenthood use and feature their films on SexSmartFilms.

  • Mark Schoen, Ph.D. is a Board member of the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. You can support FSSS.

  • High School teachers and students utilize SexSmartFilms in and out of school.

  • Sexuality and religion is a featured topic on SexSmartFilms.

  • Many groups, support groups and counseling groups utilize SexSmartFilms.

  • Many parents rely on SexSmartFilms to educate their children.

  • Our film “Libido Lost” offers a different psychiatric perspective to medication and sexuality.

  • Many of SexSmartFilms utilize behavioral psychology.

  • SexSmartFilms educates by using the latest sexual science.

  • Couples use SexSmartFilms to foster communication on sexual issues. It's easier to talk about what's on the screen.