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SexSmart Films Education

Many of us are left on our own to educate ourselves about sexuality and gender identity. Most of us searching for sexuality education end up on a typical “adult site” — those pointedly designed to entertain and titillate. SexSmartFilms breaks a completely new mold with a video focus directly on education … welcome.

It was very early in my career I learned the power of accurate sexual information. Using the words penis, vulva and clitoris in a middle school classroom brought attentiveness like I had never seen before from this age group. Children and adults want sexual information. They want to know about sexuality and I’ve had the good fortune of spending the last thirty plus years producing films that provide accurate information on a very wide range of sexual and gender issues. SexSmartFilms has more than 400 films from nearly fifty different countries. You can view an evolution of sexuality education films, from the “disease model,’ “scare tactics” of the early 1900’s to the anything goes, accurate information model of today. You now have the ability to sexually educate in the privacy of your own home.


SexSmart Films Research

Sexual Research has a rich history and SexSmartFilms is proud to be archiving some of the most important films that document this interdisciplinary research, a number coming from the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington Indiana.

According to Kinsey Confidential

“The study of sexuality and sexual health is diverse and multi-disciplinary. It includes scholars, researchers, and clinicians working within the many branches of science, public health and medicine, as well as therapists, activists, and educators addressing the functional issues of sexuality within the social, cultural, and political spheres.

The unique history, collections and research of the Kinsey Institute have established it as a leader internationally in scholarship, teaching and service in sexuality, gender and reproduction. The Institute’s mission is to maintain this leadership by developing and nurturing a community of interdisciplinary scholarship within and beyond Indiana University. This community of scholarship includes the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, education and law. The primary intellectual and research concerns of the Institute are:

  1. Sexuality in its anthropological, biological, behavioral, cultural, historical, institutional, legal, medical, psychological, policy, social, and other relevant aspects.
  2. Gender dimensions of sexuality and reproduction, including behaviors, cultural representations, customs, doctrines, ethics, identities, institutions, laws, practices, public policies, social meanings, and other relevant domains.
  3. Reproduction as mediated by behavioral, cross-cultural, demographic, epidemiological, ethical, ethnographic, health, legal, policy, psychological, representational, sexual, social, and other relevant factors.”

SexSmartFilms proudly offers you films from the historic Kinsey Collection. These programs will help you understand the difficulty scholars have in conducting sexual research and why many researchers avoid sexual science to avoid controversy.


SexSmart Films Therapy

Sex Therapy as a profession was started by the courageous work of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson in the 1960’s. Since then sex therapy has evolved into a widely recognized and respected profession throughout the world.

A specialization addressing sexual function, sexual feelings, gender identity and intimacy issues, sex therapy has become one of many recognized types of psychotherapy addressing mental health issues. Professionals can condust sex therapy on individuals or couples.

Sex therapy is usually provided by either a psychologist, social worker, physician or licensed therapist who has special training in issues related to sexuality and relationships. Certified sex therapists have graduate degrees and demonstrate their competence in sex therapy by becoming credentialed as a Certified Sex Therapist by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT).

Since the advent of sex therapy other sexual health professions have come to be. They include:

  1. Sex Counselors: “AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselors represent a variety of professions, ranging from medicine to the clergy. Examples of sexuality counselors are Planned Parenthood counselors, nurses and other health professionals, school counselors, and clinical pastoral care and counseling providers. Counselors assist the client to realistically resolve concerns through the introduction of problem solving techniques of communication as well as providing accurate information and relevant suggestions of specific exercises and techniques in sexual expression.”
  2. Sex Coaches: A sex coach may be described as being a life coach, but focused specifically on your sex life.
  3. Surrogate Partners. IPSA (International Professional Surrogates Association) Surrogate Partner Therapy is based on the successful methods of Masters and Johnson. In this therapy, a client, a therapist and a surrogate partner form a three-person therapeutic team. The surrogate participates with the client in structured and unstructured experiences that are designed to build client self-awareness and skills in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy.

SexSmartFilms proudly offers many of the films used during a diverse range of sex therapy and counseling experiences.