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The True Story of How Babies are Made

4m 24s
Directed by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.
Produced by: Mark Schoen
Consultants: Erika Pluhar, Ph.D., EdS, LPC

There have been many books and videos for small children, about the coming of a new baby. For one reason or another none of these have clearly and truthfully shown the very beginning, the act of making love. Per Holm Knudsen’s original 1971 book (Denmark) was not afraid to be honest and clear. This video carries on that tradition and as it says on the last page, “This is the true story of how babies are made.”

The True Story of How Babies Are Made shows with loving humor the conception, growth and delivery of a most cheerful, very wide eyed and improbable baby. And it is this very lively improbable quality about both parents and child that gives the illustrations its outstanding appeal. Here is the familiar situation of a new baby removed far enough from reality to be totally identified with an amusing picture book and for the clinical details to be incidental to the story, so they are almost unconsciously absorbed in as natural a way as possible. Especially if children have been accustomed and encouraged to use books and videos, this particular video will simply take its place as one more amusing story; a companion to be trusted and turned to in time of need.

Knowing these facts about their origins early, many children could be spared the worries and fears which sometimes develop at a later stage and which may prevent them from asking questions of even the most loving parents. Moreover, the availability of this video will allay the anxieties of parents themselves preoccupied with such questions as, “How much to tell how soonrdquo; or “Why Johnny hasn't expressed any interest in the subject yet; is he obtaining unreliable information elsewhere?”

Colorful and friendly, the animated short introduces the idea of lovemaking and its pleasures in a surprisingly non-stomach-turning way, and gives the straight-on about how a baby finds his way from the mommy’s belly into the Bugaboo.

— TimeOut New York Kids
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"The kissing part in the middle made my heart flutter (for real)."

— Debby Hebernick, Ph.D.

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The True Story of How Babies are Made

Posted by eaglerocker (2285 days ago)
A timeless classic and one of the best ways I know of to explain to children the mysteries of sex and reproduction. The video creates a sweet, loving and positive context that leads to heathy attitudes.