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Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual Growth Program for Women

1hr 21m 57s
Directed by: Lucy Winer
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.
Consultants: Joseph LoPiccolo, Ph.D.

Based on the book with the same name, this remarkably powerful video uses detailed demonstrations to help women learn to achieve orgasm. The intimacy of the Becoming Orgasmic program is shared between the woman in the video, her partner, and you. The viewer is also invited to watch as she successfully tests the effectiveness of the program through explicitly portrayed exercises. About women -- but aimed directly at both partners -- this video guides women into an appreciation of their own sexuality, while showing how male partners can offer assistance and support in reaching orgasm. As seen in Sexploration on MSNBC.

After 24 years as a marriage counselor, AASECT certified sex therapist, and online sexuality coach...I found this video to be the best yet for helping women understand and enjoy their sexuality. The real people on the video are an actual loving couple, so there is nothing prurient or porno about the film. Using this video and the companion book of the same name, my women clients have become less inhibited, more relaxed and sensual. Some were already orgasmic but sexually avoidant -- the story helped them learn how to talk about sex with their husbands. I highly recommend this video!

— Roz VanMeter
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

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Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual Growth Program for Women

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