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12m 12s
United States
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.

Bellybuttons Are Navels is designed primarily to illustrate honest adult-child discussion, but also to help children develop healthy acceptance of the total body; to provide a basic vocabulary for introducing the topics of human sexuality, reproduction sexual anatomy and sexual abuse awareness; and to model sex-positive roles for children and adults.

The book "Bellybuttons Are Navels" is available at Amazon.

... a pioneering film... a fine resource.
- SIECUS Report

... brilliantly produced film about introducing children to human sexuality.
 - School Library Journal

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Posted by Anonymous (1532 days ago)
It's hard to believe this film is 36 years old!
Posted by Anonymous (4836 days ago)
While this is an excellent and age appropropriate book, it is neglectful of those who are transgender. I am unsure of how that would be taught.
Posted by Anonymous (5715 days ago)
Excellent and timeless.
Posted by Anonymous (5792 days ago)
I love how the grandmother uses anatomical names without any self-consciousness. This film was made about 25 years ago, but I think most parents are still incapable of talking to their kids this way.