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A Ripple in Time

12m 59s
United States
Produced by: Laird Sutton
Consultants: Ted McIlvenna, Ph.D.

Interludes of conversation alternate with leisurely and active lovemaking to paint a beautiful and moving picture of mature sexuality. The couple, ages 50 and 63, move freely from one activity to the next. They engage in several positions, some with a vibrator. Their affection for each other shows in their obvious delight and enjoyment.

At one point, Sally shares some of the crisis of reaching 40, and how she regained confidence in her attractiveness and sexuality.

Recommended as a practical demonstration of the value of sexuality to older persons, as an example of a varied, enriched sexual pattern, excellent in teaching and therapy situations.  Also instructive in its use of the vibrator during intercourse.

" . . . the sex they perform is the most natural, loving, ebullient and truly mature activity of this nature I have ever witnesssed.  It is, pardon the expression, sensitive, beautifully photographed, graphic and funny.



— John L. Wasserman
San Francisco Chronicle

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A Ripple in Time

Posted by stargazer444 (4744 days ago)
I agree 100% with John Wasserman. This is a wonderful video. The love that they have for each other comes shining through. The woman (Sally) is absolutely beautiful! Frankly, I don't see why he didn't spend more time playing with her gorgeous breasts. But she wasn't complaining, so I guess that's OK!