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5m 59s
United States
Directed by: deryck calderwood, Ph.D.
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.

As a female entertainer lip-synching Charles Aznavour's song, "What Makes a Man," Logan Carter demonstrates the extraordinary degree to which sex stereotyped behavior may occur independent of gender.  In doing so, Carter also makes a plea for tolerance of individuals who do not rigidly fit traditional sex role stereotypes.  

"... an excellent vehicle for exploration of attitudes and information."

Ann K. Welbourne, R.N., Ph.D.

State University of New York at Stony Brook

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Posted by addictions (4007 days ago)
Moving and stirs the soul, awesome.
Posted by camera1 (4809 days ago)
very moving, looks beautiful
Posted by Anonymous (5370 days ago)
love, love, love this video.
Posted by Anonymous (5553 days ago)
Hauntingly beautiful, almost tortured