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G Spot CHRONICLES: Orgasmic Women and the Explosive G Spot

9m 57s
United States
Produced by: UNKNOWN

In response to the British Scientists of King's College, London who, in late 2009 declared the G Spot a myth, Glamour Television International expands its inquisition into the infinite dimensions of the female orgasm and the elusive G Spot. A consortium of Nine female experts assembles to examine the facts, fiction and implications of the G-Spot. Only Ejaculating Women can deliver G Spot Chronicles in spectacular detail, elegance and style. Produced and directed by Godfrey Silas

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G Spot CHRONICLES: Orgasmic Women and the Explosive G Spot

Posted by Anonymous (3315 days ago)
das ez gut
Posted by Anonymous (3370 days ago)
Aside from the historical inaccuracy of "Puritans bringing Victorian" morals comment, great preview!