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Norway - "THE PARTY"

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Produced by: ROBIN GOOD

Safe Sex message addressing teens. 

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Norway - "THE PARTY"

Posted by Anonymous (2512 days ago)
Henry- I think this commercial really is not only funny and will catch young people attention but it is also the truth, being that this situation can really happen especially in places such as universities where there is more drinking and unprotected sex.
Posted by Anonymous (2514 days ago)
Jen: This commercial is like a smack in the face wake up call. And it's funny and gives a clear message. I would recommend it
Posted by Anonymous (2527 days ago)
Dyllan- I found this commercial to be comical and realistic! I feel like this could totally happen, especially in a college atmosphere. It definitely got the message across.
Posted by Anonymous (2527 days ago)
Amira: This commercial was funny and the perfect reality check for people.
Posted by Anonymous (2529 days ago)
This commercial was hilarious, but also very realistic. I think the clever, comedic relief helps people pay attention to the message it's trying to get across.
Posted by Anonymous (2532 days ago)
Jason Hannay: This stood out to me because I feel like this is actually what happens sometimes. Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.