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Sex Workers: Your Voice Counts

16m 8s
United States
Produced by: Julianne Carroll

Learn the stories of four women in San Francisco who are redefining and reclaiming sex work with dignity, awareness and education.

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Sex Workers: Your Voice Counts

Posted by Frenaud (1323 days ago)
Thank you for a very personable look at these inside perspectives. You made it easier to relate :)
Posted by Anonymous (4906 days ago)
I do't know
Posted by Anonymous (4953 days ago)
This video was down to earth, and reinforces the FACT that not all strippers/sex trade workers are people who do the job for drugs or due to some past life event, traumatic or not. Some people are in the trade simply because they enjoy the experience, it is a part of their personality, and they help people explore sensuality in a healthy way. It really is a shame that so many people have stereo typed strippers/sex trade workers in such a bad, negative way. I know a few people that work as strippers, and one who is more into the sex trade, and if you didn't know what they did for a living, they are just people like everyone else.
Posted by الجبل (5008 days ago)