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Colombia - "MITCH"

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A Colombian Sexual Education Awareness spot promoting a sex education book for teens.

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Colombia - "MITCH"

Posted by Anonymous (3847 days ago)
I personally did not agree with the portrayal of this film. I agree with the intended message but, this would not be an appropriate film to show young adults or parents. I feel that the profanity used in the video took away from the message. I agree that parents and educated individuals should be the ones to talk about sex rather than the media but the video did not do a good job of translating this message to their audience. I think a different approach should be taken when addressing this sensitive issue.
Posted by Anonymous (3847 days ago)
In my opinion, this video does a very poor attempt of sending the right message to Colombian parents. The point of the commercial is to prove that learning about sex by porn or other forms of media that send false degrading messages is far less proactive than providing adolescents with real information in an academic way that facilitates learning. Although it is a good point, I feel it was carried out in a very distasteful way and could have been handled much better.
Posted by Anonymous (3848 days ago)
i believe that this was a horrible way of teaching about sex and could send a bad message
Posted by Anonymous (3857 days ago)
Under Colombia-âMitchâ, I commented: This advertisement to me was very offensive and used too much profanity to be taken seriously. I do not believe an AD in this manner would produce any positive efforts made towards the encouragement of the practice and importance of safe sex to teens. I find that advertisements that are more realistic and provide a scenario that a teenager can see themselves in to be more successful in preventing teen pregnancies or unwanted diseases that come along with unprotected sex.
Posted by Anonymous (3859 days ago)
Jessica - I like the idea of making an advertisement that is different from normal serious commercials, but I was not a huge fan of the words used. I don't think encouraging the use of the slang terms (i.e tits) is beneficial. I also did not like the use of the word slut at all in the commercial. That seemed unnecessary to prove the point on top of using the word slut referring to sleeping around as if it is a negative thing to do at all.