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Germany - "BAD ONE"

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Condom Awareness 

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Germany - "BAD ONE"

Posted by Anonymous (3907 days ago)
Amanda: This was a very compelling video, because many individuals believe that pulling out can be a reliable method of birth control. This video addresses the issue of "pre-cum" and does so in an entertaining but meaningful way.
Posted by Anonymous (3907 days ago)
Kayla: This video was great. It was funny and stimulating enough where teens will actually pay attention and watch it. it was not disturbing or graphic to where students or viewers would want to turn their heads and miss important information or disregard the whole message. Alongside, it was successful in making its point come across, the fact that condoms are a great use of protection.
Posted by Anonymous (3907 days ago)
i love the animation it would keep teens more engaged but just blank out the curse words of course
Posted by Anonymous (3910 days ago)
Marleny: This is such a cute video! I can definitely see this on USA TV because it shows how the condom can protect against unwanted pregnancies. I especially enjoyed when the sperm is saying everything he'll do and be as soon as he's out because many don't think about everything that comes with raising a child, including dealing with troublesome children.
Posted by Anonymous (3927 days ago)
This video was really funny! The "bad one" never had a chance against the awesome condom