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United Kingdom
Produced by: COI

DLKW London's purpose is to motivate condom use amongst sexually active 16-18 year olds, with this deliberately provocative and impactful execution focusing as a reminder to use condoms during the party season. Reports suggest young people are twice as likely to have unprotected sex whilst under the influence of alcohol as when they are sober. 

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Posted by Anonymous (2511 days ago)
This video does a great job of grabbing your attention from the very beginning. Teens get involved in alcohol and the party life so this video has that relatable factor. Things like this can and do happen. It shows that no matter what, you should always be safe.
Posted by Anonymous (2518 days ago)
This video was clearly made to elicit a strong reaction, and instantly grabs your attention. I really liked the way it illustrated the consequences of unsafe sex, and the events/actions that led to the decision to not use a condom. In addition, it demonstrated how alcohol can play in role in unprotected sex, and how even when drinking/partying you should always be safe.
Posted by Anonymous (2519 days ago)
This commercial clearly grabs your attention from the start, and holds your intrigue throughout. I personally think it should be brought to the United States, especially given that the "one-night-stand" lifestyle seems to be growing in popularity, according to pop culture. This video is relatable to young teens, and sends a strong message. Well done!
Posted by Anonymous (2522 days ago)
Alcohol is definitely a huge problem for teens and young adults, especially with the "hook-up culture" present in universities. Alcohol inhibit a person's sense and make him or her less likely to use a condom. People who have sex while under the influence of alcohol cannot legally give consent and usually feel worse about it afterward as well. The fact that young people are twice as likely to have sex without a condom when drinking alcohol is shocking. This video does a great job of depicting this problem.
Posted by Anonymous (2527 days ago)
I think this video did a great job of eliciting a reaction. I think it did an awesome job of depicting what teenagers see as fun, and how that fun can end with negative consequences. I also thought the end statement was very strong and striking. This video would definitely cause teenage viewers to think twice.
Posted by Anonymous (2528 days ago)
The video did a wonderful job of depicting a simple way of protecting against unwanted pregnancy and although very influential this video did utilize fear as a means of persuasion, which is not always the best technique. I believe it is important to inform about the importance of safe sexual intercourse without creating apprehension (or fear) about sexual behaviors.