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Belgium- "SNOWBALL"

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This video shows how one person gets another person infected, quickly taking lots and lots of lives. It's an animated snowball effect where a "people-ball" just eats everything in its way!

Don't let AIDS gain more ground. Everyone must have access to treatment.

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Belgium- "SNOWBALL"

Posted by Anonymous (3908 days ago)
I think this is a great interpretation of the snowball effect of AIDS. It is targeting everyone with regard to awareness. I do not believe it is specific to African countries. The message is universal.
Posted by Anonymous (3908 days ago)
Very interesting to see in a visual art form how if one person gets infected the disease can hurt many people and eventually end up destroying entire cities and towns.
Posted by Anonymous (3925 days ago)
Powerful, yes, but African countries aren't the only ones that have this "snowball" effect and I can't help but think it's twinged with a slight "white savior" racist undertone
Posted by HOPE (3999 days ago)
Powerful way to get the message across of how many people can be impacted by AIDS.