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Posted by Anonymous (2509 days ago)
i absolutely loved this one the missing male sexual organ made an analogy to this could happened to you if you do not protect yourself.. you could contract a disease which could ruin your sexual organ forever. I just loved the meaning behind it.
Posted by Anonymous (2525 days ago)
This was a successful commercial because it took a real life moment and captivated the audience because of the what happened to willy mystery. It introduced and important concept such as the willy committing suicide (comedic relief) and brought in the savior the condom to symbolically represent how if you don't use a condom its like having your junk commit suicide. Great Job.
Posted by Anonymous (2527 days ago)
Danielle Buchbinder: This commercial uses comedy and a lighthearted attitude to compel viewers to practice safe sex. I believe that this commercial did a great job of making something that people will want to watch as well as getting its point across.