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Bolivia - "CLOSET"

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Condom Commercial 

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Bolivia - "CLOSET"

Posted by Anonymous (3847 days ago)
Kaitlyn B. (comment left below)
Posted by Anonymous (3847 days ago)
This ad is very relatable and comical, however it left me hanging at the end. It did not provide any additional information on condom use; i.e.: where they can be purchased. I think it should have been spelled out a bit more if they want to target a wide range of viewers including those who are younger and less experienced, which I believe to be the demographic needing sexual education the most.
Posted by Anonymous (3847 days ago)
Lua D: I found this video very comical, yet it did not provide any information about the the possible pros of condom use. The only pro that it used was satirical. Birth control has so much more too it than helping someone not get caught. It can prevent pregnancy and STI's. This commercial may be appropriate for US television because comedy is easily recalled, and used so often in this society-- but it is not very informative.
Posted by Anonymous (3849 days ago)
Michelle Singh: I thought this was a very cute and funny video that is trying to promote the strength and reliability of their condoms however it didn't really stress the importance of wearing a condom and what could have potentially happened if he didn't. It produced a positive reaction from me, but I think they could add a little more information in the video.
Posted by Anonymous (3850 days ago)
Natalie: While I thought the commercial was funny, it did not convey any real/important information that would aid the public in making a well-informed decision to wear a condom. It shows that they are "strong" and "could say your life" but its protection against pregnancy and STI's are not delineated in this commercial.
Posted by Anonymous (3859 days ago)
I enjoyed this commercial because it was funny and memorable. A good advertisement is one where the consumers will remember it and keep it in mind when necessary.
Posted by Anonymous (3864 days ago)
Cassandra Bailey: I did not like this commercial because of the negative attitude that the father has about his child having sex. The whole time I kept thinking that the dad was going to find the male and the male was going to present the condom to the father and the father was going to be like "oh okay, your using a condom so carry on". I feel like the way the commercial portrays sex here is negative.
Posted by Anonymous (3864 days ago)
Zach Hoge: I found this commercial to be very funny but also informative; it can reassure teenage men the benefits of having a condom through it's strength (which implies protection from STIs and unwanted pregnancy).
Posted by Sherrie Vavrichek (4001 days ago)
Humorous and cute. Good jump off point for discussion with teens.
Posted by Anonymous (5051 days ago)
Well done, however i think that most men care more about sensitivity than strength.....