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Belgium- "GELIJKE KANSEN 2007"

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Produced by: Prime Minister Chancellery

The concept is based on the expression ‘to label someone' which means expressing stereotypic judgments on someone . The campaign shows how this apparently harmless behaviour can have dramatic consequences by showing labels sowed in someone's flesh. This cruel surgeon act shows how cliché remarks are not as harmless as they seem. They really hurt and make life difficult for their victims. Discrimination unables some people to have equal rights for the sole reason of their age, their sex, the colour of their skin, their beliefs, their handicap or sexual preferences. For instance when they look for housing, jobs or education. Discrimination is everybody's business. We must all be aware of the consequences of our acts. Discrimination causes real suffering, It has incurable consequences on the destiny of people and provokes unequal chances in life. This is why it is now illegal in Belgium. We must stop imposing it on others. We must stop accepting it. 

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Belgium- "GELIJKE KANSEN 2007"

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