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South Africa - "SELINAH"

1m 34s
South Africa
Produced by: EGG FILMS
Consultants: The Topsy Foundation

We're all familiar with the spectre of the person who gets AIDS and wastes away before our eyes. But what most people don't realize is that the recovery of an AIDS sufferer on antiretrovirals (ARV's) is every bit as dramatic. In just 90 days, a person can regain all the health they've lost. It's called 'the Lazarus effect.' Working together with the Topsy Foundation, we located Selinah when she was in the very advanced stages of AIDS. We started her on treatment and filmed her every day for 90 days. The transformation is absolutely real. We used no special techniques and tricks in post production. Selinah was brought back to life purely by ARV's and her will to live.

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South Africa - "SELINAH"

Posted by Anonymous (1495 days ago)
Wonderful THanks for having more Black/African identified people. NEED MORE IN CHILDREN AND EVERY TOPIC AREA! AGINIG etc.
Posted by Anonymous (3879 days ago)
I really liked this ad because it is unique among AIDs awareness ads. There are so many ads focusing on prevention, but this helps enlighten people on recovery instead of perpetuating hopelessness in such a stigmatized illness.
Posted by Anonymous (3882 days ago)
This video was emotionally compelling. It showed the negative consequences of HIV/AIDS but also showed that all hope isn't necessarily lost.
Posted by Anonymous (3890 days ago)
This is a great video! It is somewhat positive and gives me a little of hope for AIDS patients. Really recommend it.