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Sexuality Education for the 21st Century

16m 3s
United States
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.
Consultants: SIECUS

The Case for Comprehensive Sexuality Education

This video was designed to assist school boards, community advisory boards, teachers, and parents in making decisions about the type of of sexuality education offered in schools.  The video includes discussions with doctors, researchers, teachers and students about the need for accurate effective sexuality education.  More than 85 percent of American adults believe sexuality education should be included in school; over 90 percent support HIV/AIDS education programs.  Yet only 5 percent of America's young people receive sexuality education in every year of school.

This brief, fact-filled video is ideal for use at school board and community meetings.  Let this video help you educate policy makers, health care providers, educators, religious institutions, and the media about comprehensive sexuality education.

For more than four decades, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, a nonprofit organization, has been promoting sexuality education for children and youth and serving as a clearinghousefor information about sexuality.

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Sexuality Education for the 21st Century

Posted by pbishop (3242 days ago)
This is a great video to raise the issues around sex education for youth, and the people involved are real experts. There is good information for actually initiating a program.