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13m 42s
United Kingdom
Directed by: Jeffrey Schwarz
Produced by: Chris Arnold

Filmed in 1970 “Sheila” is a portrait of an Irish transsexual individual who lives on the streets of London.

This show was aired on British television in 1970. Soon after several homeless shelters were opened and Sheila was invited to live in one of them.

Note:If anyone knows the whereabouts of Sheila today please advise us:

"What a sad story and yet it shows the persistent spirit of survival against all the odds.  My heart went out to Sheila.  And how amazing that she asserts so firmly that her condition is biological and not psychological thereby antedating by many years the modern understanding of gender dysphoria."

Dr. Rosemary A. JONES

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Posted by Anonymous (3682 days ago)
While this is quit a heartbreaking tale it does show the never-say-die spirit of a true transsexual that will fight against all odds for her identity as a human being. It's also quite remarkable that Sheila seemed to be mostly positive and very strong in extremer circumstances whereas many facing far less would be jaded, bitter and weak. 40+ years before the medical community finally started to understand that gender dysphoria is biological and not mental Shelia already knew the truth. One can't help but wonder why the medical community took so long to understand or why so many lives had to be lost before they did finally start to realize the errors of their diagnosis of transsexual individuals. Deirdre Cunningham Post-Op Transsexual Female New Jersey
Posted by comment (5032 days ago)
An amazing commentary on the transsexual experience from 1970!