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Playing with Power

16m 35s
United States
Produced by: Bud Russell
Original Format: VHS
Consultants: Dr David Hersh, Dr Charles Moser & Dr Laird Sutton

Please note: This film was recovered from a POOR quality VHS version.

"Playing with Power" is a version of the commercial SM video "Pain Suite." It was constructed to educate Sexual Power Play by allowing the audience to view an actual scene.

The voice over is actress Ellen Eddington (Linda Ford). It was written by Dr. David Hersh, in consultation with Dr. Charles Moser and Dr. Laird Sutton,  one of the pioneering sexual health film makers of the 1970s.  The original video was reviewed and acclaimed by writer Susie Bright in an article in Forum Magazine.  

  ("Pain Suite" was the second of two 1980s videos with this cast. The first video of this series was "Journey into Pain." Both commercial videos can still be found for sale on the internet.) 

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Playing with Power

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