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Second Chance | Sex Change

4m 46s
United States
Produced by: Chang W. Lee
Consultants: The New York Times

Terry Cummings, who lives in Montclair, N.J., is a lawyer with a firm in New York City. After a heart problem in 2006, she decided to face her lifelong gender dysphoria, a psychological discomfort with her sex, and make the change from male to female.

She said that she considers the sex-reassignment surgery essentially a rite of passage, but she said it would not change her life. It will, however, have a great impact on her feeling of wholeness and her mental well-being.

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Second Chance | Sex Change

Posted by Anonymous (4546 days ago)
Sax education
Posted by Anonymous (4633 days ago)
i want to the sexy video
Posted by Anonymous (4727 days ago)
Terry really speaks for those of us who have taken this journey. Having had the good fortune to meet her on the eve of my surgery in New Hope, revisiting this video 16 months later brings me back to a magical moment in my life. Her words speak truly of my own sense of congruity and wellness. Thank you for keeping this video here.
Posted by gendershark (5042 days ago)
State of grace indeed. This is a beauty we know. It is easy to forget though when we finally become ourselves (this state of grace) because we finally have our own identity and feel normal. I think one thing that keeps us remembering is the dark times of struggling to be alive in the body that felt so wrong and realizing we have survived a journey many did not. Keep educating.
Posted by Anonymous (5071 days ago)
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