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THE CUT: Documentary Film on FGM (female genital mutilation)

13m 0s
Directed by: Linda May Kallestein
Produced by: Phantomfilm

The Cut is a short documentary about Mary (14 years old) and Alice (early 20’s) from Kenya. Both are affected by the traditional rite of passage into womanhood: genital cutting.

Mary and her community are preparing for her ceremonial cutting.

Alice is studying to be a social worker to work against female genital mutilation. As the first in her community to refuse the practice, she has paid a high price for her choice to break with tradition.

Alice tells of the different myths she encounters in the community around her, as to why circumcision is practiced. Mary, on the other hand, has no voice. She just goes through the preparations and rituals in silence.

Photographer: Justo N. Casal
Editor: Trine Nordmark Børstad

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THE CUT: Documentary Film on FGM (female genital mutilation)

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