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48m 28s
United States
Directed by: Beck Peacock
Produced by: Crystal River Productions & Gamut Productions
Consultants: Nick Karras

This remarkable doccumentary examines the many usnspoken beliefs and myths that affect women's sexual self-esteem.  The key to a woman's sexuality — her vulva — has turned into a taboo subject by cultures locked into fear of our basic physical nature.  This film discovers the profound beauty of female sexual anatomy. The journey of photographer Nick Karras in producing his artistic book 'Petals' is a rare exploration of the subject achieved with unusual sensitivity. It gives the viewer an opportunity to understand the impact of the social stigma surrounding, what this artist believes to be the most powerful and beautiful part of human anatomy.  The movie records the reactions of sex educators, women's health professionals, art critics, female participants in the project, as well as the man/woman-in-the-street as they confront the mystery of womanhood.  The range of exquisitely presented images found in Karras' book inspires both an appreciation for newly discovered beauty and feelings of profound awe.

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"Nick Karras has approached the subject with very near a botanist's eye for the variety of this particular physical form."


"You can't mistake the loving attention that went into the making of Petals."


— A.D. Coleman, Art Critic, Auhor of Critical Focus & Robert Amos, Art Critic, Victoria Times Colonist

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