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Talking About Sex: A Guide for Families

29m 59s
United States
Produced by: Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc

Designed for families with kids 10 to 14

Planned Parenthood makes it possible for families to discuss sex and sexualitycomfortably and effectively with this video kit. This delightful, animated video will revolutionize the way families communicate about sex. It is the ideal springboard for family discussions around puberty, sexuality, and relationships. Talking About Sex will reduce the confusion and anxiety your kids may feel, educate them about how to protect themselves, and foster positive self images. You’ll view different families discussing sex and sexuality and focusing on some of the feelings, questions, and concerns families can face when speaking about these things, particularly for the first time.

“Talking About Sex is an exceptional resource for ‘finding the words’ to talk with adolescent children about sexuality in a positive way and enhancing one’s comfort level in talking about sex in the context of clear family values.”                                                       —American School Health Association

“Planned Parenthood to the rescue – a truly informative and entertaining resource to help parents talk comfortably and intelligently with their kids about s-e-x.”                                                               —Judy Blume, author

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Talking About Sex: A Guide for Families

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