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ON BEING GAY: A Conversation With Brian McNaught

1hr 14m 42s
United Satets
Produced by: Ron Robin
Consultants: Brian McNaught

A Conversation with Brian McNaught On Being Gay catches award-winning author and educator Brian McNaught at home, at the lectern, and at peace with himself as he talks with enthusiasm and authority about the fallacies, the facts and, most importantly, the feelings of being gay in a straight world.

Author of the highly-regarded books On Being Gay – Thoughts on Family, Faith and Love and Gay Issues in the Workplace (St. Martin’s Press), Mr. McNaught has been honored repeatedly for his contribution to the general public’s understanding of homosexuality. He is a certified sexuality educator, served for two years as the Mayor of Boston’s liaison to the gay and lesbian community, has spoken at over 100 Universities and has been described by the New York Times as “… the godfather of gay diversity and sensitivity training.” Now, through this effective video presentation, Mr McNaught brings to an even wider audience his special gift to communicate.

Throughout the program, Mr. McNaught encourages both gay and non-gay viewers to realize their individual potential and to replace self-hate withself-esteem, self-doubt with self-knowledge, self consciousness with self-confidence.

Brian's best-selling new book Are You Guys Brothers? about same-sex intimacy is available from and from your local book seller.

“Highly recommended for … heterosexual audiences … religious groups, and young people struggling with issues of sexual orientation.”

— SIECUS Report

“Enlightening and outstanding … This two-part video is the finest form of educational media on homosexuality to date.”

— Journal of Sex Education and Therapy

“Brian has his fingers on the pulse of gay America.  He speaks with passion, humor, and authority.”

— David McWhirter, M.D., and Andrew Mattison, Ph.D.
Co-authors, The Male Couple, La Jolla, CA

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ON BEING GAY: A Conversation With Brian McNaught

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