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Sensate Focus Exercise #1 A Gay Couples' Guide to Sexual Pleasure: ANATOMY & RESPONSE

12m 11s
United States
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.
Consultants: William R. Stayton, Th.D., Ph.D.

Sensate Focus Exercise #1

Masters  and Johnson developed a pleasuring technique in the 1960s that became one of the most  highly regarded aspects of sex therapy: sensate focus. Refined over the years, it is valued today because it truly works. Sensate  focus teaches you the ways to create ecstatic erotic touch, building the intensity of all your intimate  moments.

This series is like having a sex therapist in your own home guide you through these fun exercises. You and your partner will learn many options for creating  deeper connections through your erotic exchanges. Real couples demonstrate the exercises in this program, so that you can benefit from watching them explore their erotic connections too.

Exploring  the pleasure potential of our bodies is as old as time. With the guided assistance of world leading sex therapists, you will learn how to increase your sexual pleasure and loving bond.

Erotic Pleasure

  • Male Sexual Anatomy
  • Sexual Reponse
  • Getting Started
  • Therapist's Guide

These first segments are offered for information and an overview about process for sexual intimacy and enhancement. They are designed to help couples ask questions and seek information about genitalia and the sexual/erotic response cycle.

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Sensate Focus Exercise #1 A Gay Couples' Guide to Sexual Pleasure: ANATOMY & RESPONSE

Posted by SteveK (108 days ago)
This video demonstrates the male sexual response more clearly than the one in the Heterosexual guide