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Ombligo se le Auguro

12m 8s
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.

When grandma asks for a bedtime book suggestion, four year olds John and Megan choose an old favorite, Bellybuttons Are Navels. The book helps them rediscover some simple truths: boys and girls have some of the same body parts and some that are different too.  All have accurate names.  Grandma’s calm, confident manner models wholesome discussion. Bellybuttons Are Navels designed primarily to illustrate honest adult-child discussion, but also to help children develop healthy acceptance of the total body; to provide a basic vocabulary for introducing the topics of human sexuality, reproduction sexual anatomy and sexual abuse awareness; and to model sex positive roles for children and adults.

The book "Bellybuttons Are Navels" is available at amazon.

“…a pioneering film…a fine resource.”  — SIECUS Report


“…brilliantly produced film about introducing children to human sexuality.” 

—School Library Journal

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Ombligo se le Auguro

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