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6m 40s
United States
Directed by: David A. Bayer
Produced by: Stan Jacobs
Consultants: Carey Roth Bayer

Written by Carey Roth Bayer and David A. Bayer

A young man comes to grips with his sexual orientation.

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Posted by Anonymous (5051 days ago)
very clever!
Posted by Anonymous (5071 days ago)
Nice twist at the end. Would be fun to see a lesbian variant of this.
Posted by Anonymous (5155 days ago)
OUSTANDING. Two gay friends, expressing fear & honesty - or dishonesty. If every adolescent was able to watch this - or talk to someone who really "gets it"...
Posted by jumani (5807 days ago)
Excellent and self explainatory, A great educational tool Dr Deepak K Jumani, Mumbai, India
Posted by doc (5819 days ago)
VERY clever.