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Sex Therapy for a Quadriplegic Couple

14m 37s
United States
Produced by: William Hartmann, Ph.D. and Marilyn Fithian, Ph.D.

The subjects of this film are a man and woman, both in their 50s, who are confined to wheelchairs. He is paralyzed from the neck down by multiple sclerosis, while she has very limited mobility in the syringomyelia. When they requested help in exploring a sexual relationship, a team of five intern therapists was assigned to assist them in establishing a pattern suited to their needs and disabilities.

This film documents the relationship including coitus. The scenes are explicit and the commentary explains the methodology and problems involved in reaching a successful outcome. Recommended for classes in human sexuality, geriatrics, nursing, aid to the handicapped, and for professionals working with the physically disabled.

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Sex Therapy for a Quadriplegic Couple

Posted by subscriber1 (4054 days ago)
Beautiful depection on sexual intimacy portrayed not as a comodity (porn) or something to be sold, but instead a beautiful encounter between two people who would not be denied the human right to suxual expression.