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Sex and the Handicapped

14m 52s
Produced by: The Swedish Institute for Sexual Research
With Dr. Maj-Briht Bergstrom Walan

This film is a powerful and compassionate learning experience for professionals, health-care workers, the handicapped and those close to them. It develops a forceful argument for new attitudes toward the handicapped and helps create a positive orientation for the handicapped as well as for people in helping roles.

The film focuses primarily on:

  1. Contact problems of the blind and deaf.
  2. Sexual techniques and technical aids for individuals confined to wheelchairs.
  3. The importance of positive attitudes and methods of supporting such attitudes in the handicapped.
  4. Options and opportunities for helping handicapped establish sexual contacts.

This film is recommended for use with individuals and professionals confronting the effects of vision impairments and other physical disabilities.

…a frank presentation of the sexual needs of the disabled… illustrates how healthcare services in Sweden have responded with special technical aids and supportive help.

— SIECUS Report

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Sex and the Handicapped

Posted by Anonymous (5716 days ago)
Interesting concepts and ideas presented in a classic seventies format.