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DAVID: Sexual Self-Help and Pleasuring

12m 17s
United States
Directed by: deryck calderwood, Ph.D.
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.

This film sets preventative health techniques within the context of self-pleasuring. It opens with David in the shower preparing for a self-check of his testicles and prostate by thorough washing of the anal area and the play of hot water on the testicles. After the shower he uses the bathroom mirror to help him do the testicular self-exam. In the bedroom he reviews the procedure for cancer checks with the help of pamphlets from the American Cancer Society. He stretches out on the bed and does a breast examination and then uses his fingers to explore his prostate. The self-help procedures completed, he selects relaxing music on the radio and begins a leisurely self-massage. He moves into a self-pleasuring session which includes anal stimulation and uses a vibrator. He reaches orgasm from manual masturbation. David relaxes completely and falls asleep.

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DAVID: Sexual Self-Help and Pleasuring

Posted by SteveK (106 days ago)
I agree withLavender6 it is a self genital exam and then a simple erotic stimulation of a male body leading to sexual pleasuring, masturbating and anal stimulation. Perfect film for boys going into puberty and men for the self exam
Posted by Lavender6 (4898 days ago)
I love this video. it was simple, normal performance. i strongly recommend young and old guys to watch this.