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5m 41s
United States
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.
Consultants: Martha Calderwood, M.A.

Produced in cooperation with the Sensory Research Corporation

A straightforward presentation of female self-pleasuring. A woman experiences stimulation with her hands and with an electric vibrator. Nipple erection, skin and flesh, muscle tension, and orgasmic response provide evidence of sexual excitement and gratification. This teaching film utilizes a simple bedroom setting with which most viewers will easily identify.

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Posted by careless1 (4459 days ago)
very good!
Posted by hoffman (4699 days ago)
This woman is sexy, with nice breasts and a great body! Watching her work her right hand on her clitoris is erotic!
Posted by maxjoseph (4700 days ago)
I like the way she rubs her clitoris since it seems real, but I'm not sure about her orgasm being real.
Posted by kaz48 (4763 days ago)
Incredible, a beautiful experience of female orgasm.