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What's 'Gay'? Asked Mae

2m 54s
Directed by: Mark Schoen
Produced by: Mark Schoen
Consultants: Brian McNaught & Dave Woodford

“What’s ‘Gay’?” Asked Mae - Two children in the garden are helped by a variety of birds to understand the real meaning of the word “gay.” “It’s a way to love,” cooed the Mourning Dove. Based on the book by Brian McNaught, the three-minute animated movie provides an excellent resource for teachers and parents on how to educate youngsters, ages 5 - 10, on the loving context of “gay” before they hear, “That’s so ‘gay’.”

“A child’s question is readily and easily answered because love really is simple. After viewing this parents can relax and children understand. Love is not complicated.” 

— Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale

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What's 'Gay'? Asked Mae

Posted by auntiepmw (1167 days ago)
This is a charming, relatable and age-appropriate resource that can help young children understand what ‘gay’ means. The rhymes and animal animations will be especially appealing. I can see so many ways to use this short video. Some parents and educators might choose proactively to show it to children to introduce (or reinforce) the concept that loving relationships among humans (and animals too) are more diverse than depicted in most children’s books, cartoons, and videos. Others might use “What’s Gay? Asked Mae” to seize a teachable moment when children have questions or make comments after hearing the word ‘gay’ from other children or the media. Pamela Wilson, MSW
Posted by avernacchio (1169 days ago)
A lovely and easily understandable introduction to the question of "What's gay?" It creates an openness where children can ask questions and receive simple, straightforward information that frames being gay in a positive light.
Posted by eruzgyte (1174 days ago)
WOW! What a beautiful way to communicate accurate information in such a loving, age sensitive way. Mark, once again you have created a valuable sexual education resource for parents, teachers, and children.