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Episode 15: Jennifer Rahner Sexual Awakening Releasing Shame

25m 6s
Produced by: Tickle.Life

Jennifer Rahner, a sexuality educator talks about her sexual awakening. Her first lover Paul who made her feel good about her and not ashamed about her body. This is a story about how Jennifer at 19, met the man who would tell her that sexuality is good and to be appreciated. A lot of surprise things happened, will have to listen to know more Content Warning: Parts of this discuss receiving oral sex while she has her period. About Jennifer Rahner: Jennifer Rahner is a pleasure professional and sexuality and relationship educator, with a goal of changing cultural conversations about sex. A professional writer for more than two decades, she is passionate about helping people experience more pleasure in their lives. She runs and is one-half of the brains behind along with her partner, Sean. Jennifer and Sean can be seen in,,, and The Consent Guidebook. Website: and Twitter: @geekysexylove Facebook: Instagram:

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Episode 15: Jennifer Rahner Sexual Awakening Releasing Shame

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