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Episode 14: Christopher Hoffmann and Erectile Dysfunction

31m 4s
Produced by: Tickle.Life

Our very first guest is back.The gender being innovator, Christopher Hoffmann who talks about a very personal topic for many men: Erectile Dysfunction. When asked by Gaia how his journey to sexual awareness was, Chris says something hard hitting, My sexual awareness was a terrible thing. He discusses his journey from first time to getting older, not knowing if it was ok for men to feel sexy, and questions/doubts making him feel lost. Why for a long time, he couldn't get it right. This is a journey of not only him but for many men. Expectations and performance, many men go through this every single day. Feeling inadequate. About Christopher Hoffmann: He is an Automotive Engineer and was the CEO of One Wheel MotorCycle by profession. But there's so much more to his personality which he didn't know until he explored more about himself. In the podcast Christopher tells us how he went on to explore his wild side by dressing up differently which was a little edgy and started attracting people with his unique ways of styling himself which initiated conversations. He didn't limit living his life as per what his gender norms allowed him to be, he challenged it and what he found was a lot of fun, more friends and much better sexual pleasures which he otherwise wouldn't have experienced. Christopher has recently come up with his book Heart In Gear which he explains as an engineer's erotic journey to freedom. Christopher is now a gender activist and supports LGBTQ communities and has been very vocal about how pushing your limits and accepting who you are makes you a much better and happier human being.

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Episode 14: Christopher Hoffmann and Erectile Dysfunction

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