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Treating Vaginismus

30m 4s
Produced by: Mark Schoen, Ph.D.
Original Format: VHS
Consultants: Joseph LoPiccolo, Ph.D.

This film opens as a women tells her partner about the gynecology appointment she's had earlier in the day.  She explains that the gynecologist diagnosed her condition as 'vaginismus" and has referred them for sex therapy.

The film proceeds in the therapist's office with an anatomical explanation of vaginismus.  Subsequent sessions introduce the use of dilators in this type of therapy and explains how the woman is to use them in the privacy of her home.  Scenes shift from the couple at home and in the therapist's office.

The therapist reviews their progress and provides them with guidelines for home sessions.  The film's conclusion shows the couple during intercourse.

"This film is a valuable addition to the audio-visuals made for sex therapists and their patients."

                                        SIECUS Report

— ". . . a film that clearly and precisely illustrates how a sex therapy program works."
Sandra R. Lieblum, Ph.D.

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Treating Vaginismus

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