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Diagnosing Erectile Problems

20m 6s
United States
Produced by: Mark Schoen Ph.D.
Consultants: Joseph Lopiccolo, Ph.D.

The film opens as a family physician interviews a patient who presents erectile problems. The patient is referred for a more detailed examination by a specialist. The specialist conducts a history and assessment interview, focusing on psychological factors often involved in erectile problems. Details physical examination includes specialized neurological evaluation. The doctor explains to the patients the value of monitoring  blood pressure and flow, performs this procedure in the office; discusses specialized  endocrine evaluations; draws blood and urine samples; explains the monitoring of sleep erections (nocturnal penile tumescence); and shows this procedure in the sleep laboratory. The physician encourages his patients to ask questions and maintains a support dialogue throughout the examination. Following the examination, the specialist and family doctor meet to discuss diagnoses and plan for treatment.

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Diagnosing Erectile Problems

Posted by Anonymous (5716 days ago)
Good walkthrough of important aspects of H and P for erectile dysfunction. Excellent explanation of penile tumescence studies.