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Italy, France, Ukraine, Europe - "Truth & Dare"

2m 12s
Italy, France, Ukraine, Europe
Directed by: Jason & Matt Docter
Produced by: Anastasia Shamaro

Young people don’t speak about need of protection between each other. But Durex finds the way to make it sexy for young people. Students from different countries play the game «Truth&Dare» without any control from the brand and reveal their true thoughts about it. «Truth» cards sparked the conversation and «Dare» ones kept it very sexy. Durex shoot 4 groups of students. None of them know about the questions they have to answer and dares they have to make. That’s why they were curious and honest from the first minute. Four absolutely real, sexy, but at the same time serious games become a base for big social campaign. It turns to eight cool episodes about most important topics: withdrawal, STIs, pregnancy, HIV, etc and a bunch of provocative GIFs with real facts about sex risks, interviews with participants and real cards to download. Durex also use modern format of 360 video to give every viewer a chance to participate in the game by itself. Campaign was launched in UK, France, Italy and other European with high view to rate results. It means that Durex finds out how to show that safe is sexy.

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Italy, France, Ukraine, Europe - "Truth & Dare"

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