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USA - "Places of Intimacy"

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US, France, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Australia, United Kingdom
Directed by: John Cooper, Truman
Produced by: Nicolas Lasjaunias

This is the invitation that opens the new film created by Sid Lee Paris, released this week by SKYN® for TV and cinema.“SKYN® brings a unique perspective to a market which communicates largely around safety and functionality. It’s through owning this space and creating meaningful conversations within it that we hope to make SKYN® not just a condom choice, but a larger lifestyle choice.” (Jeyan Heper, President and General Manager Sexual Wellness Global Business Unit, Ansell). Through its FEEL EVERYTHING™ platform, SKYN® hones in on sensation and authenticity to introduce a new way of talking about sex. The brand speaks to a target they call ‘’Serial Monogamists’’- millenials who seek intimacy as a means of forming deeper human connection. The campaign focuses in on different moments of intimacy, based on an insight that intimate memories are intrisically tied to the places in which they were formed. The spot for the premium condom brand then goes on to name places where love can be found. Physical places with hot and heavy erotic potential, like a bedroom for making love or an office conference room… Unexpected places like a telephone booth or a store... Places that may even be a bit uncomfortable, like an itchy rug or rough grass. Or even metaphorical places, like a smile or a glance. While encouraging people to build intimacy with their partners, the film - directed by the duo Truman & Cooper (Wanda Productions) - relays an important message of openness, in spirit and in freedom. “In a context in which our freedoms are still questioned, it’s important to remember that love doesn’t have to be attached to stereotypes” (Céline and Clément Mornet Landa- Creative Directors, Sid Lee Paris). “Places of Intimacy” also looks to aesthically advocate the sensual universe that the brand promises. ‘’We weren’t looking to show exaggerated nudity, but rather to play with material, skin, and sensation to enhance the product benefits’’ explains Sylvain Thirache (ECD, Sid Lee Paris). It’s not about superfluous provocation, but rather a reminder that love can be found anywhere… amongst straight, gay, or mixed couples. It’s up to each of us to make the most out of this freedom to love.

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USA - "Places of Intimacy"

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