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USA - "MasterCard Restroom For All"

2m 4s
Directed by: Alexis de Montaigu
Produced by: Mastercard

In 2016, Mastercard wanted to contribute to the NYC Pride Parade in both a meaningful and impactful way, using this event as a platform to support LGBT equality and spread the message that Acceptance Matters. Our idea was a direct response to the “bathroom bill,” a discriminatory law designed to alienate transgender people. Mastercard created a restroom that accepts all humans, which could be unlocked with something every human has regardless of their sexual identity: a heartbeat. By simply touching the palm sensor on the door, the technology read participants’ heart rates, and unlocked the door. The Restroom for All reached generated nearly 10MM earned impressions globally for Mastercard, and helped the message of acceptance and equality spread well beyond the streets of NYC Pride Parade.

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USA - "MasterCard Restroom For All"

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