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Sweden - "Tatelicious"

2m 25s
Directed by: Marcus Storm
Produced by: Carl Sander

In Sweden, no one is deported because of HIV. But people in 22 countries around the world are. So it isn’t so surprising that 40 % of refugees in Sweden are reluctant to take an HIV test.This is why RFSL Dalarna and Hiv-Sweden decided to launch the second year of the initiative ”We Are Survivors”. We wanted refugees to feel empowered, safe and to trust the Swedish system. And to encourage them to take an HIV test and to not let HIV stop their dreams, because with treatment you can live a normal life with HIV today.Tatelicious is living proof that you are not deported because of HIV and that you can live a good life with dreams and hopes for the future. So we let her tell her powerful story.

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Sweden - "Tatelicious"

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