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France - "The Lover"

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Come4 is a non-profit porn project. Its purpose is to support sexual rights of LGBT and sexual minorities, like disabled persons.For its first campaign, Come4 decided to tell Asta Philpot’s story. Asta is a disabled person who advocates the right for an active sexual life for people with disabilities, even if this means paying for sex.  In this advert, we hear Asta telling his story, but at first we do not know that he is a disabled person. While Asta shares every detail about his sexual life, we are led to think that all his actions subverted the moral order. At the end, however, our point of view abruptly changes: everything he did, it was part of his exceptional fight for “normality”. The TV Commercial titled The lover was done by BEING France advertising agency for product: CENTRE FOR SEXUAL RIGHTS (brand: ) in France.

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France - "The Lover"

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