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Directed by: MARWAN YOUNIS
Produced by: HEBA RADWAN

A campaign by UN women addressed the horrific reality of violence against women in a society used to looking the other way. The aim was to face society with its own doing by normalizing assault like society does to provoke a reaction and call for people to speak up. The copy addresses the horrific reality of sexual harassment. The film depicts a fairytale gone bad. As we go deeper in the copy, violence starts to unfold, turning the fairytale into a nightmare. Projections and face mapping served as a mirror to society showing the direct consequence of silence on women. The VO, representing the voice of society, remains in denial with its magical tone of voice narrating the story and ignoring the reality of violence. The contrast between the audio and video delivers the shocking truth bringing society in confrontation with its own doing and forcing it to stop the cycle of deadly silence by speaking up.Creative ExecutionThe visual effects were divided in camera effects and projection mapping. The shoot comprised of a projection mapped surface that served to create the environments in which our lead characters interacted and were interacted with. The film was shot against a green screen to get all the character animation in the background that interact with the model, saving time instead of keyframing character animation. Rough design scamps were created to get an idea of composition and where the characters would be placed in the scene. It provided parameters to work within, when the actors performed in front of camera in the greenscreen studio. The green screen footage was treated after to make it look and feel like hand drawn animation and to tie it to the overall aesthetic of the commercial. Each background was digitally painted and then separated into mid, fore and background layers to be distributed in 3D space. A virtual camera was animated through the scene to create a parallax effect and give the illusion that the scene was living and breathing. The art direction overall served the concept of fairytales well, adding to it a theatrical feel.

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