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2m 54s
Directed by: Matt Glarner
Produced by: Derek Burr

We don’t know much about female condoms, and what we do know seems weird. They’re big. They’re baggy. They’re inside out and upside down. A new ad campaign from Veru Healthcare and boutique agency New Honor Society takes an overt swing at the stigma surrounding the female condom, tackling its foreignness head on.
The video promotes the FC2 Female Condom, currently the only FDA-approved female condom. It starts out with a white couch and a frank tone. "Welcome," the spokeswoman says, talking into the camera. “I’m Amanda, author of nothing and star of 'nobody cares,' here to give you some unsolicited advice about boning.” 
Amanda is really New Honor Society senior copywriter Amanda Burch, who wrote the script. She stood in for a famously taboo-testing comedienne in the pitch video, but when Veru Healthcare saw her performance, they warmed to her quirky, bawdy, informative presence and chose her to star instead.
Burch answers the most common questions and misperceptions about the female condom, like "Will it fit me?" "Will it stay in?" "Can I still have sex in my favorite positions?" "Can it, you know, keep up?" (Answers: Yes, Yes, Yes, and Go For It.) 
She then gives a step-by-step rundown of how to use the FC2 Female Condom, and proves — via nude cartwheels, hula hooping, pogo stick jumping, and lazy cereal-eating — that the condom can hold its own during the most athletic, determined encounters.

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