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1m 30s
Directed by: Fred De Loof (Witloof Productions)
Produced by: Patricia Van De Kerckhove

Brief ExplanationLove Condom is a challenger brand of condoms in Belgium. It doesn’t have the media budget to rival big names like Durex or Manix. The BriefThe aim of the campaign was to make the brand stand out in an extremely competitive sector by communicating differently from its competitors. How the final design was conceivedEach calendar has 28 condoms corresponding to the 28 days of tournament matches. Each condom is to be used 9 months before the match you don’t want to miss. Each condom is tailored to the match. When a condom is removed, a blank square can be seen underneath. This is for filling in the match result you aren’t going to miss.The calendar has been designed by an illustrator. On the left, the illustrations represent the life of the supporter and therefore what will happen if the person chooses to use protection, i.e. not miss the match. On the right, the illustrations represent a dad’s life and therefore what can happen if the person becomes a dad during the UEFA European Championship. Indication of how successful the outcome was in the marketThe calendar was delivered to the most renowned sports journalists in the country. It is 60 cm by 80 cm, and is designed to be kept until the UEFA European Championship in France. This is why it’s in XX cardboard. Under each condom is space for writing the score of the match that the person didn’t miss because they wore a condom. The illustrations on the left represent the football world, the supporter’s choice and their team at the UEFA European Championship. On the right, they represent the birth and choice to be a dad during the World Cup. The two worlds stand face-to-face and it’s up to the person to make their choice. The calendar is delivered with a letter addressed to the sports journalists.

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