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Mexico - "DEEP PIPES"

8m 28s
Directed by: Guillermo Gardariño
Produced by: Películas Imaginarias
Consultants: Marie Stopes México

The first pornographic film that teaches young people about sexual and reproductive health, because who better to teach you about sex than porn stars? And with what better medium than the internet?
Deep Pipes is part of the #PornEducation initiative, a digital social movement for free and responsible sexual and reproductive health. The Legion developed this project from first conception right through to the film’s production and release. The film has already had a huge impact thanks to its original approach that has turned a traditionally taboo subject into a positive one that cannot be censored.
The campaign and film have provided plenty to talk about, as sex is a subject rarely addressed in our society. This film is the beginning of an entire educational movement and shows that even the most delicate subjects can be approached objectively and creatively and that effective ideas can be a valuable tool for connecting with the public.

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Mexico - "DEEP PIPES"

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