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Canada - "#20minutesofaction4change"

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One in five women will be sexually assaulted during their college and university years. When the Stanford rapist’s father used the deplorable euphemism ”20 minutes of action” to describe the rape his son committed, it helped to shed light on the misogynistic attitudes that are alive and well in our society and especially in our schools.White Ribbon, the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women tasked us with giving men and dads a way to take action and be a part of the solution.Execution:We launched with a site to educate and encourage dads to commit to taking 20 minutes to talk to their sons about sexual consent, boundaries and respect for women.We then Leverage the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Nov 25th), and invite dads and all supporters across the globe to take part in To support this initiative on the day, we also asked influencers and organizations to give up their social media channels, and allows us to take over their website (landing pages) for 20 minutes in a show of solidarity.Campaign Description:

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Canada - "#20minutesofaction4change"

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