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Singapore - Snapchat From The Closet

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Produced by: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

Execution:The first sessions were in early April. Oogachaga and their partners spread the word on their social platforms the week before we started. A team of expert counselors sat in a room for 4 hours every night.The response was overwhelming. As the days went by, more and more users came seeking for advice.Strategy:We reached for teenagers where they already are and feel comfortable at: Snapchat. They asked. We answered. And it all disappeared in 3 seconds.Outcome:It started as a pilot but the response was such that it became an ongoing initiative. An average of 20 users are showing up for every session. Some looking for simple answers, others for advice on how to come out or just someone to share their anguish safely and secretly.Campaign Description:Snapchat from the Closet by Oogachaga Counseling is a safe and confidential channel for teens to discover their sexuality.Synopsis:Singapore is proud to be one of the most developed countries in the world and still, you might be committing a criminal offense for being gay. Section 377A of the penal code criminalizes gay sex. Local schools don't offer an inclusive sexual education. 40% of Singaporeans consider homosexuality unacceptable and 65% have negative attitudes towards it.Gay teens are 4 times more prone to depression and suicide attempts.How do we make it safe for those still discovering their sexuality to get the answers they seek? The Digital Advert titled Snapchat From The Closet [video] was done by Ogilvy & Mather Singapore advertising agency for Oogachaga in Singapore. It was released in Mar 2016.

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Singapore - Snapchat From The Closet

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